Wednesday, November 17, 2010

beard rage

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  1. Dolly Parton and the Queen of England both happen to die at the same time. So the spirits of the two women made it to St. Peter's gate to heaven at the same time. St. Peter, however, said that only one spirit may enter Heaven. He told them to each prove why one is more worthy than the other.

    So Dolly took off her shirt and flashed her famous boobs. St. Peter nodded, then wrote in his tablet. "Okay, Queenie," he said. "What do you have?"

    So the Queen, serious demeanor and all, takes out a disposable douche out of her handbag, and promptly administered herself right there. St. Peter nodded at her and wrote in his tablet.

    After a couple of minutes of deliberation, the gates of Heaven open up. "Okay,'re in."

    Dolly, miffed at being left out, screamed "Wait a dadgum minute. Why does she get to go?"

    St. Peter closed his tablet and replied, "Because a royal flush beats a nice pair every time."

  2. hehe always nice to see classic Disney reference :)