Custom Vids/Pics!



I also offer custom videos and photo sets for a small fee, but believe me, this fee is worth every penny!! The content that I sell is made just for you...My custom videos are similar to a virtual lap dance. 
- You can expect me to wear a sexy outfit of your choice (or mine if you prefer) 
- I will dance and strip to a song (between 3:00-4:45 mins) which you are also able to pick
- I will include an intro where I say your name along with a little message
- Your video is in m4v format and sent to you directly via
- I send your video 24-48 hours after I receive payment

Video: $40usd
Photos: $30usd
Q: Are they nude?

A: My videos/photos are not nude, but they are outrageously sexy and will push even MY limits...there are LOTS of close ups, stripping, teasing, gets quite hot!
Q: How do I pay?

A: As of right now, Im currently accepting Visa, Mastercard and gift cards 
for payment. 
[Please see "How To Pay" for Step by Step instructions]
If you have any other questions, dont be shy about sending me an email to


JarHead: Some places may order custom video and you get a cookie cutter one, with Mina, there's no doubt its custom! She personally says your name which shows a personal touch that is indeed rare. All I can say that video gets hotter and hotter with every offering. If you're waiting to get this, STOP, get it now! You won't be disappointed.

Gorillaman13: As someone who has received a Thank You video from the beautiful Mina, I can honestly say the pics from said video are only a teaser compared to the full video. It was extremely hot and sexy! Get your own by spoiling her :)

A: Wow, just wow. Worth every cent. Personalized down to the T. I sure think I never need anything else, but this. Winning, winning, winning! I can't even describe the experience in words, so you'll all have to see for yourselves. Gorgeous, professional but above all else amazingly personal. Stop reading this and just get it! 

Clayton S: Miss Stefan is an outstanding performer. Her private videos are sophisticated yet very sensual. You may think the price seems a bit high for a non-nude video, but I promise you any private video from Mina is worth every single penny. Nude videos leave nothing to the imagination, but Mina is an amazing tease. You will watch her video and want to see more and more! If you are thinking about buying a video from Mina, do it! Trust me. I am a repeat buyer of Mina's videos and I will be back again for more. Mina is one of the most beautiful women on the web and the way she is going will only increase her popularity. She is the best at what she does and I hope that more people will appreciate the beauty that many of us already are lucky enough to have witnessed. Be nice to her and you will be graciously rewarded. Thank you Mina!

*Here is a selection of Lingerie and Stockings to choose from when ordering a custom video*


School Girl skirt

White Petticoat

Red Petticoat

Black Mini Skirt

Red Trimmed Skirt

Pink Leopard Garter Skirt

Black Garter Skirt

Blue Garter

High Waisted Pencil Skirt

Open Shoulder Club Dress


Pink/Black Striped Mesh Dress

Low Back Club Dress

Corset Dress

Sequent Club Dress

Cupcake Dress

Wet Look Dress


Black w/ Pink Garters

Pink Corset

Basic Nude

Black/White Baby doll


Tight Lace Mini Dress (Additional $5)

Loose Lace Mini Dress

White Fishnet Dress (additional $5)

Rainbow Fishnet Dress (Additional $5)

Red Cut Up Dress (Please choose bra/panty for underneith)

Simple Black Babydoll (Additional $5)

Strappy Back Sheer Dress (Additional $5)

Leopard Print

White Club Dress


Wet Look Corset

Cupcake Corset

Black Lace Corset

Blue Satin Corset

Black Leather Corset

Reversible Corset (black/white)

Reversible Corset (pink/white)

Cupid Bustier

Leopard Print Bustier

Heather Grey Bustier

Lace Bustier

Black Satin Bustier

Black/Red Waist Cincher

Fishnet Shirt (Additional $5)


Satin Cupid Set

Denim Cupid Set

Cherry Set

Hot Pink/Black Set

Floral Bra Set

Pink Lace/Black Set (Additional $5)

White Lace Set

Black/Blue Lace Set (Additional $5)

Deep Red Set

Open Cup Set (Additional $5) 

Pink/Black Fringed Set

Red Dress w/ Attached Stockings

Fringe Top w/ Panty (Additional $5)

Ripped Set

Strappy Teddy

White "Open" Bodysuit

Open Chest Lace Teddy (Additional $5)

3 Pc Purple Leopard Set

Lace Teddy w/ Garters

Lace Teddy W/ Bows (Additional $5)

Open Cup Set w/ Bows (Additional $5)

 Exotic Dancer Set (Also available in red)
"Asian" Set

Sheer Purple Set (additional $5)

Sheer Pink/Yellow Stripped Set (Additional $5)

Hot Pink Lace Set (Additional $5)

Sheer Purple/White Set (Additional $5)

Royal Blue Set (Additional $5)

Yellow Fishnet Set (Additional $5)

Lace Sequinned Set

Lace and Leather Set

Wet Look set

Leather and Bows Set

Pink/White set (Additional $5)

Black/Blue Set (Additional $5)

French Maid Set

Lace "Maid" Set

Black Lace Strappy Set (Additional $5)

Pink/Red Set (Additional $5)

Red w/Fishnets Set

Japanese Cosplay School Girl


Blue/Orange Bikini (reversible) 

Volcom Bikini

Yellow Rhinestone Bikini (Thong)

Leopard Thong Bikini

Beige Suede Bikini

Green Suede Bikini

Sheer Lace Bikini (Thong) (Additional $5)

***I also have other colours that I just haven't posted (like black)***


Red Fishnets

White Fishnets

Black Fishnets

Pink Fishnets

Black Unfinished Fishnets

Black Sheer Stockings

 White Opaque Thigh Highs

Red Opaque Thigh Highs

Black Opaque Lace Ups

Black/Pink Tootsies

Pin Up Style Thigh Highs

Black Thigh High Socks

Ripped Open Foot Stockings

Netted Stockings

Opaque Leopard Stockings

Open Bum Bow Pantyhose

Ripped Fishnet Pantyhose

Lace Leggings


Black Lace Bralette

Light Pink Lace Bralette 

Blue Bandeu (Matching Garter Available)

Grey Bandeu

Black/Gold Bandeu

Basic Black Bra

Leopard/Lace Bra

Multi-Print Bra

Stripes & Bows Bra

Pink Victorian Bra

Pink Leopard Print Bra (Matching Garter Available)

Pink Polkadot Bra

Pink Lace Print Bra

Black Floral Bra (Matching Garter Available)

Black Lace Bra

Blue Lace Bra

Black/Pink Lace Bra

Pink Lace Bra

Turquoise Lace Bra

Neon Bra

Pink/Black Lace Bra

Red Bra

Leopard Print Bra

Purple Bra

Black Strapless Bra

Purple/Black Lace Bra

Purple/Purple Lace Bra

 Feel Free to mix and match when ordering a custom video or photoset!! :)