Friday, November 19, 2010


Hey everyone!

Im so sorry that i've been quiet lately...traveling will do that to a girl!!  I'm still in Niagara falls and having a nice time :)

I've been eating out, sight seeing, know, being a tourist!! Sometimes its fun for a change.

I was in Ottawa for a couple days then took a train from Ottawa to Niagara Falls...THAT was a long trip, about 8 hours...ugh. But thank goodness for first class ;) Once I got to Niagara I went to my hotel and even though I'm alone I still got a honeymoon suite...or at least thats what I'm calling it because of the heart shaped jacuzzi! lol

Other then that, I'm having a good time, although i really miss Chola :( Shes staying with a friend who has a cute mini-pin...they get along great so Im not worried, but I'm still a worrisome mother...

Anyways, I hope everyone is well and enjoys the pics!!

I'm going to TRY and do a vlog update a little later



  1. Where are the hot bubblebath pics of you in that tub?

  2. glad your having fun :)

  3. that "heart" shaped tub looks more like a "virgina" shaped tub to me.

  4. that coat really looks great on you too! such a tiny heart-shaped hot tub hehe