Thursday, February 23, 2012

In just 3 days I'll be rockin this sexy number pool side in the Dominican Republic (again) and I've also got some sexy matching sandals to take with me ;) 

I'm still waiting for the very generous purchaser to send me their proof of purchase from amazon so I can make you a custom video as thanks!! 

Also, in unrelated news, I update :) and there's also a new link on the right --------->

Id like to remind you for the 100th time that my Valentine's Day video will only be available until the Feb 29th. I highly recommend purchasing it for only $25...and it's close to something you'd see in a custom video.. Once March 1st comes, it goes in the vault!! And I wont be taking it out for anyone who decides after the fact they want it.. NO EXCEPTIONS!

*kiss kiss*


  1. You look amazing! Its nice to see how those shoes match the bikini too ;)

  2. You look so beautiful and sexy, can't wait for updates from the Dominican Republic...Have a great time..