Sunday, February 26, 2012


So I've had a very long Sunday so far. First, I was up before the sun to get ready to go to the airport. Everything was fine until I got on the plane. I have an issue where I'm a bit of a princess and like to site as close to the exit as possible so I don't have to wait to get off the plane. Today I was sitting in seat 25F...on this particular plane that's about the middle, so it wasn't TOO bad...but I was also beside a baby. A pretty cute baby except that she was sick. Coughing, sneezing, fever...sick. I'm just waiting for the symptoms to appear. lol... About an hour and a half in there was an announcement over the intercom for a doctor or nurse to please make themselves available for a medical emergency! I immediately poke my head up looking for what's wrong! It was hard to see from my seat, but there was an older gentleman who I think had a stroke. He must have been pretty scared...but they brought oxygen tanks, stethascopes, puke bags..then there was lots of vomiting and talks of having to do an emergency landing..I'm like NOOOOO!!! Anything but that!! >_<  I'm grateful that we didn't have to do an emergency landing because I'm only in the Dominican for 3 days so a landing would end up taking an entire day to travel here.. I'm lucky to be in the same room as last time, so that's kind of cool :)

I'm pretty tired right now and was considering going to the gym but I think I'll have a nap instead..or maybe I'll have an espresso then workout..I dunno.

I'll post some pics soon

Love ya!



Please be advised that I'd like to change some particular wording in this post. It seems I've offended @MaddMatt that I was happy that a medical emergency on my flight didn't resort us to landing.

While I of course was worried that we would have to land a plane because I dont like taking off/landing, I'm much more grateful that the man with the emergency was well enough to continue flying. I should have gone into more detail that I hoped he was ok. And more so, I should have probably gone into more details about how I hope his trip to the hospital went ok and that the doctor gave him the ok to have a vacation.

I'd also like to apologize to @MaddMatt if I came off selfish. Sometimes I let the best of human nature get to me. Thanks to your comment you've reminded me that I need to be careful of what I write and how some people may interpret something. last note. I do my best to honestly not ever speak too much of personal things that may offend someone like a strong opinion, religion, political views, etc...but I do my best to keep things as neutral as possible and post more sexy photos then actual blogging.

I'm sorry if I've offended anyone else other then MaddMatt.


  1. Sorry your flight wasn't as simple and comfortable but very glad to hear you got the same room as you did last time (big plus for you!)

    Enjoy your time! :)

  2. Glad you made it there safe and sound even with all the troubles during the flight..Have a great time and I look forward to your updates...

  3. I mean, yeah, we wouldn't want someone's medical emergency to ruin anyone's flight/vacation. If they had to land the plane, then they have to land it...we're talking about someone's life.

    You should be thankful that the guy wasn't in any serious medical trouble not that you didn't lose a day in the Dominican.

  4. I was offended that much, not to point that I'm boycotting your blog, I did just think that it came across a bit insensivitvee.

    I didn't want, or think you had to make a special not addressing my comment.