Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lucky Girl!

Me laying on the couch waiting for my damn package delivery

I felt so stupid earlier because I was waiting for a package to be delivered to my house...I waited all day and was so cranky because I felt like I wasn't allowed to leave my apartment in fears of missing the delivery man! So i called DHL (the delivery company) and inquired about when it might be here...of course, it was delivered to my mailbox YESTERDAY after they had told me the driver was done for the day... So once I found out this information, I decided it was time to kick my errands into full gear! Dollar store, grocery store, bank, UPS, gym... Not only did I do everything on my list, I received some amazing gifts! I feel so luck and happy!! Totally made me forget about my delivery mix up! :)

Thank you for my amazing shoes David!! I love, Love, LOVE them!

This naughty surprise came without a packing slip!! Please email me your proof of purchase for a very sexy custom video as thanks :) -

And a special someone sent me these 2 items. <3<3<3 My favorite chocolates!!

I'm currently jacking a neighbors internet because mine was cut today...I had called Bell (my telecommunications provider) a few weeks ago to cancel my home phone service because i never use it. Well they neglected to mention that it would effect my internet and they just went ahead and cancelled my internet too!! So I called them freaking out and they said the earliest they could get it reinstated was tomorrow, midnight...sooo like 30 hours. Its not too bad because a good portion of that I'll be sleeping and the rest I can hang out at starbucks! 

I'll be sure to post some hot pics a little later..right now I need to figure out what I have in my freezer that I can make for dinner...because I'm going back to the Dominican Republic on Sunday, there's no reason for me to stock up on groceries until I get back. 

Have a great evening everyone and check back!! 

Love you long time, 



  1. Nice view (on the first pic) ;)

    Sounds like the Dominican Republic is your new favorite place to hit! Enjoy your time down there!

    Hope you'll get your internet back soon!

  2. Such a very lucky dog, oh to be him ;).... Hope you have a great evening...

  3. very nice.

    You should post more pics of u in heels.

    I also like the pics when your in jeans and your every day clothes. Sounds weird but your gorgeous with clothes on too