Friday, August 19, 2011

Ola everyone, 

its been a few days since i updated but to be honest, i rally have nothing to tell you! Today i bought the most amazing cosplay ears + paws for a super hot video..I'm so excited, i cant wait to make it! but i need this cough to go away first!! >_< 

Tomorrow I think i'm going to Pacific Mall, its an asian mall filled with all sorts of fun stuff :) 

For anyone whos purchased a video, photo set or something off my wishlist, ill be making your videos/pics probably monday!! :) 

I hope everyone is having a great friday :D 

btw, my PHOTO SPECIAL will only be available until August 31, 2011 so if you wanna see a huge arrangement of naughty pics, (including some candid nudes) you better get on it!!!


  1. Hope you're over the cold bug for good soon, you are looking as sexy as ever. As for the photo special, I bought it and it is by far the hottest and sexiest set I have bought so far and so worth the money! I can't give it high enough praise as there aren't words to describe this set. Thanks for making it available to your fans.

  2. I "met" (lol, love this word nowadays) you a few days ago on a portuguese sport newspapper and I'm here to tell you that I really think you are amazing. Definitly I bet you're sick of hear this kind of stuff but I felt a need to do this nerd stuff ... honestly, this is the first time i do something like this ... anyway, hope to take a smile of that face.!
    take care and have a greaaaaaaaat weekend *

  3. Can't wait to see that Cosplay video! :D

    Sounds like you're down to the home stretch of the cold! Just keep taking it easy and not do too much :)

    Nothing says sexy like black lingerie... Simply Beautiful! ;)

  4. You are impossibly good looking, that is all... Canada wins!

  5. I almost missed this one. Very sexy pictures and so glad your doing something fun and feeling better.

  6. I'm late commenting on some of this but wow! how lovely!