Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hi Everyone,

So today im finally feeling well enough to do some house work..i wanna get rid of all the "sick" thats been lurking in the bed sheets, the walls, the floor so that i can really get better.. I was REALLY sick for a few days!! But like I said, im glad to report that I'm on the mend!!
within a couple days i'll be back to my old self and working on videos and pics again!

Have a great hump day and dont forget about my amazing photo special!! (below)


  1. Super sexy pictures Mina....thanks for taking the time to post. Very glad to hear your feeling better....I know we all will be glad to have the old Mina back ;)

  2. You look so beautiful and sexy in this color and outfit.....

  3. Wow those photos are Mindboggling!!!

  4. #MinaOnTheMend!!!

    Take it easy and don't strain yourself :)

    Purple looks very sexy on you (not many can pull off purple as sexy)

  5. Sick or well, you always deliver such impressive and unique images!!!!

    Thank you!

  6. Loving you in purple! Get well soon dear!