Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Hi All,

today was such a busy day for me! i felt like i was going non stop all day...I had SOOOO many videos and photo sets, also had to mail out some lingerie and panties...got my nails done, which took almost double the time because of issues at the salon.

The weather has been gorgeous in Toronto, hot as hell!! Poor Chola cant go out in the day because its too hot for her so she gets so restless waiting for 5pm to come, lol.

I got this outfit last week but lately amazon hasnt been putting the purchaser on the packing slip!! So Mr. Generosity, email me your POP to info@minastefan.com because I have a sexy thank you video waiting to be claimed!!


  1. That swimsuit looks amazing on you (but then again you look hot in anything!)

    Sounds like you had a very productive day even with a minor setback

  2. I feel bad for chola. I love dogs, it sucks she can't get out... oh and that thing is gonna draw a lot of attention to you...its a reflective sign that says 'hottie crossing'

  3. Really appreciate what you do! As much as I would like to see you fully naked I also enjoy your mystery and lady like attitude! Much love :-) cheers

  4. lookin sexy... although you pretty much make anything you wear look sexy. wow u had a very busy day, with days like that it's always good to take time out for yourself and relax every now and then.

  5. Oh lord! How precious!

    Thank you Sweet Jesus for creating such perfection.

  6. Wow to bad I didn't see it Tuesday, but it made my Wednesday!

  7. Love this color, it's so sexy and looks so hot on your fine looking body....