Monday, July 11, 2011


A new photo special is available for the rest of the month!!!

170 professional photos

all unedited

they're fun, they're sexy, and they're only $50

theres everything from a sexy web vixen, to the girl next door jumping on the bed and even me playing amongst my clothes in my closet!

Here's a few samples to give you an idea of what to expect ;)

If you're interested in purchasing this set, or have any questions email me at :)

*I accept Alertpay or Giftcard/a gift off my amazon wishlist priced $50+*


  1. These samples turned out great! I knew the photo shoot would turn out to be sexy n' awesome! ;)

    Can't wait to get these pics!

  2. min i love your sexy body!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. As always you are beautiful.

  4. Beautiful pics.
    Think i want to buy you something again :-p
    Thinking what i can spoil you with


  5. Guys!
    I ordered, and recently have finished looking at every single picture and all I got to tell you it that this Girl makes every picture a work of art and a MASTERPIECE - This photo special is going to my priceless collection. If you don't while you can... YOU ARE MISSING OUT... BIG TIME DUDES!

    This Set is worth HUNDREDS! and is truly special!

    THIS IS A MUST ORDER RIGHT NOW! This set will make you order it one more time!


  6. This is yet another set I'm going to have to buy, it's just too good to pass up...