Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hey guys!

Just blogging to say hello...This morning i slept in a bit and had some CRAZY dreams!! So in order of memory...
1. something to do with me caring for someone's baby like it was my own...and it was a boy, i remember looking in a mirror at us and we looked so happy... (for the record, i have NO intentions of having babies any time soon!!)

2. then it somehow merged into me being a bird in an african safari and i was trying to carry my macbook in my talons...but it was too heavy and i was having a hard time keeping flight.

3. im not sure how it merged into the last one but i was in some sick house, and i was part of a super cool pool party, very private, not like beach balls...but anyways, for whatever unknown reason, Prince William was there and he was telling me he wanted to be with married, lol...i have no idea WHY I would dream about him, I dont even find him particularly good looking...probably all the stuff in the media I'm constantly seeing!

Once i woke up, I went to starbucks and got myself a soy chai latte :) then the usual, shower, get ready, make videos, run errands, eat lunch...

I remember having an email convo with the person who bought me this Totoro blanket, but I cant find the emails anymore!! so can you email me again with you're amazon confirmation so I can send you a very sexy thank you video ;)

have a great rest of day loversss!!!


  1. sounds like some very weird dreams :P.
    you look very lovely as always Mina :)

  2. Whoa that was some crazy dream(s)!!!

    But enjoy you're day and that towel matches well with that swim suit ;)

  3. Wow...its hard to even remember dreams...those were some odd ones...especially the baby one when you aren't even thinking about that. But sexy in that bikini

  4. Weird...not to be a downed but my grandma always said if you dream about babies someone you know is gonna die :( I hope not but that's what she said...happier note you look great.

  5. does wonderful things analyzing dreams.

  6. Maybe you are just looking for your prince charming so thats why your dreaming of prince william :-D


  7. mina you look so hot with that bikini!