Thursday, June 30, 2011

good morning!!

today was one of those mornings where I just really needed a coffee...

Today a friend of mine is dropping off her old wiener dog for me to babysit for a few days :) should be interesting...Chola HATES other dogs in her space, but it should be ok, he's an old guy and will just sleep and chill out while she makes a fuss around him, lol. I'll take some pics for you guys. 

Other then that, I think I'm going to take some more pics for the old blogger-ooo today...what are your feelings on pantyhose? yay? nay? i'll put up a super quick poll for you to vote on todays picture idea...

bye for now!!



  1. I feel like its hard to start a morning without a cup from Starbucks!
    Love the idea of Pantyhose theme today! :D

    Good luck taking care of the second pup, hope Chola doesn't get too jealous.

  2. Well, I think this is a superb idea. Seeing your pics is always soothing, so I'm gonna give an enormous YAY!!

  3. I'm sure either way you will be beautiful. I would say yay pantyhose though, more because I'm interested to see where you take it then anything else...<3

  4. Completely Yay!
    Love Mina <3