Thursday, June 30, 2011

reality check

Dear fans, followers, and people passing by.

This is a FREE BLOG. You do not have to give me 1 penny to view my blog and all the photos and videos I post. While yes, i do charge for sexier things, I still think the content I post, almost daily, is quite sexy.
I dont often ask things of you...I occasionally remind you that I have an amazon wishlist for those who would like to show their appreciate for my hard work, but aside from that, the most I ask of you is this :

-Leave comments
-Share my blog by clicking the Google +1 because that gets me more google hits
-If i post a poll, take a second and just vote.

Sometimes, you guys can be freeloading assholes. I do this for YOU. not me. I know more of you would rather perv on my blog daily then pay some chick $19.99/month for her site, which is why I do everything for free. So how about you show some damn gratitude and if I ask you do vote on something, leave a comment or share my blog, just do it.

That should be the "payment" for what I do. I get over 100k hits a month and theres like 5 of you who actually give a shit to comment regularly...To those few, I really appreciate you and you know that I always do extra things for you ;) To the rest of you, quit being assholes and just do the simple things I ask in return...

Thank you for reading ^_^



  1. I love a girl with moxy!!!!! Appreciate the hot pics and the tweets, you rock Mina!!!!

  2. Kinda sad it has to come to what seems like something stressing you out. All you say is TRUE....lots and lots of sexy pictures and the videos are awesome, even just the update ones....hearing your sexy voice and all. It's easy to leave comments even from my phone...The poll is an awesome idea...a reminder should not be necessary, but an easy way to see what someone wants or just who votes for what. Thanks for taking time for this kind of a post Mina.

  3. I love u and the videos u made personally for me luv! Keep doing what u r doing. It's amazing.

  4. Bien dicho!!!!
    aqui tienes un fan incondicional desde Monterrey Mexico!! si señor!!!!

  5. Well said!!
    Here is a true fan from Monterrey Mexico! yes sir!!

  6. WOW!!! I support each and every word, Mina. We should be grateful of what you do for us; let me tell you something: YOU'RE ACES IN MY BOOK. i don't know if I'm your biggest fan, but certainly I'm becoming a faithful one. Luv ya, girl!!

  7. You tell them how it is. You do have to understand though that lurking is the default nature of the internet. While having comments is nice, having 100k hits a month is quite impressive and you should be proud of it.

  8. mina thank you for posting new pictures everyday. I'm a huge fan of you

  9. Sadly the internet is built around doing things anonymously. But if you enjoy a blog, site, etc. participate. Especially for people that really don't ask much in return!

  10. Mina!! Thank you so much for all you do for us! You go out of your way to do this for us, and those of us that post/comment/tweet get the bad are the most amazing, gorgeous, down to earth woman I know! Thank you for all you do! You have a gift card coming your way soon!

  11. Go get em Mina, you are one of the sweetest and most giving ladies on the net, so if they want to see more it doesn't take all that long to just say thank you. Just saying. Hope you have a great Thursday

  12. Mina its sad you feel you have to think this let alone type it on your page.. you should password a section off if possibl letting only supporters into it rather than freeloaders catching a quick look. xxxx chin up baby love yeh

  13. I think part of it is that to comment you have to sign up with google, livehournal, typepad, or one of the others to make comments.

    I could see where that would be annoying, especially in a day in age where you have so many logins to remember.

    Most blogs I read and post at let you post a name and then, to prove you're not a spam-bot, you leave your email (which is kept private of course).

  14. I'm here, and will continue to vote, get video's, etc. and support you as much as I am able.

  15. Mina, I just discovered your blog and will help all I can from my phone