Wednesday, July 28, 2010

hump day cont...

so after I updated this morning I headed out for lunch - vietnamese and it was absolutely delightful! only to be followed up with a great tan, which might i add, was much more comfortable today because I was the first one to use the bed...if youve ever been tanning you'll know that if theres a poor ventilation system, it can be hotter then the depths of hell in there!
After my tan I went around the corner to Pinkberry...I ordered a small mango/pommegranit swirl with a bunch of fruit, sat down in the cold all by myself and enjoyed my swirly treat...well I enjoyed it so much that not only did i devour it in under 3 minutes but without even considering the ramifications, i got up, and ordered another one, but this time, in a cone because i had errands to run...So I get my delicious frosty treat and go on my merry way, with my head held high and then all of a sudden...BAM! the swirrley goodness hits the ground like a heroshima, fruity pebbles and yogurt everywhere!!! I was almost in tears...not because of embarrassment, but because I wanted it so bad. So i walked back with my empty cone and explained to them, on the verge of tears, the tragedy that had just occured and they were more then happy to give me a new one...all better :D
After my fat ass finished 2 servings of pinkberry I headed to the post office, then to duane reade and then home...I had to go pick up a piece of dry cleaning and walk chola so I decided I should get that all out of the way before i relax...along my walk we past the water, the dog park and even a big movie production! I have a weird fantasy about me passing a movie set on day and the director sees me and insists I be in his movie, that my "look" is exactly what his movie needs to be a blockbuster!! LOL can you say...DELUSIONAL!!! hahahahaha anyways...when I got home I was so hot that I immediatly took my shirt off and decided to snap a couple extra pics for you :)
Now that Im much cooler, Im going to make a sexy video of me in a fishnet dress for a special fan...if you'd like a sexy video similar to this just email me at ;)

have a good one!!!



  1. Great PIcs :) You look Great!

  2. where did you take the pictures of the clouds and the basketball court? they're amazing!!!! did you shot them with you're phone?

  3. Don't call yourself fat. If you're fat, then the rest of the world is about to explode. I hate when people in great shape call themseleves fat. You don't see many Harvard grads walking around saying their stupid.

  4. cole your so sweet :) I wasnt being serious, I was being faceitous, that because i ordered 2 frozen yogurts in a row its what a fat person would do... ;)

  5. pinkberry is alot like what we have here in canada called the marble slab. i get white chocolate ice cream and strawberry ice cream mixed with nestle crunch and shreaded cocoanuts in a white chocolate dipped waffle cone. but only a couple times a week.

  6. it's 90 everyday in NYC, have as many frozen pink berry's as u want, just walking around will burn it off, oh & i live the leopard print bra:)

  7. @nymjr72 i know right, its so hot out that I cant help but over induldge in the swirly goodness!

  8. Hi!
    I found your blog from your post on Twitter. :)
    Does your treat from pinkberry have any icecream in it or is it just yogurt? Cuz there's no shame in having an extra serving of yougurt! :P
    Love the pics that I'm seeing so far.... are all 3 of those dogs yours? They are cute! The leopard print bra is really nice.
    It must be kind of neat to pass by movie productions....I've never seen one before but I guess most of them are in the states!
    I don't think I could use a tanning booth b/c I'd probably get all clausterphobic...

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Heej sweet just let the people talk you got a great ass like you can see a little bit on some of this pictures and on alot of other pictures you got a number 10 body and the best one i ever seen just let people talk crap they are just haters who cant stand the perfection of somebody else. Big hug and kiss all the way from the netherlands a big fan xx teun

  10. gorgeous. Would love to see more face shots in future :)


  11. Omg :) I love those pics :)