Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mina Q&A

Hey guys!!

I was thinking about how I have so many new followers that barely know anything about me, other then I post sexy photos and offer even sexier videos!

So what I'm proposing is a Mina Q & A where you can ask me anything you've been dying to know! You can also vote on if you'd like me to answer these questions as a blog entry, video blog or both!
So start sending your questions in to

I will answer all of your questions on August 8 (next sunday)


  1. I enjoy open minded and smart ppl , and you just have great body goes with it , just keep do what you do best ..
    Be safe :D

  2. I'll do one ;) promise u :)

  3. Are you engaged or married? you sometimes wear a ring but sometimes you swap it to your other hand. So whats it all about?