Wednesday, July 28, 2010

hump day

not sure what to write about...this entry is gong to be in "point form" for those of you who are too lazy to read the whole entry lol

- if you dont like me, dont like my tweets, dont like my blog, and generally have nothing nice to say, then dont follow me!!!

- just came back from the gym and many of you gave me great tips on how to get out of a "gym rut"...if you have any more suggestions on how to get back into the groove of going to the gym - post it!

- definitely hitting up pinkberry...i wish they did gift cards that you guys could buy me...that would be the greatest gift of all!

- ive been doing research into allowing you to pay for things (panties, videos, pictures, etc) with air miles...where you transfer them to me and i honor it as payment...but i still need to investigate the $1-1mile ratio...

- totally going for a tan...i went on monday and had to cut it short because i wasnt feeling well...rule of thumb - NEVER tan on an empty stomach...your blood pressure will drop so low it'll be in hell before you can pick it back up again!

- going to have some vietnamese for into a new thing (other then pho) its a noodle bowl w/ no broth with veggies and a bbq'd chicked stick...i really dont eat much meat at all, even chicken but whatever they marinade this in is magical!!!

- if you havent purchased my new "treat of the week" i guarentee that your missing out. This video is out if this world with so much ass, your head will spin!!!

remember, email me at if you want more info on the video ;)

have a good one!



  1. I'll never understand haters. Hot chicks make the world a better place. Why hate?

  2. You're one of my favs on twitter and the person that made that comment this morning probably thinks Survivor has the best talent on tv too. I'm with you in If you don't like me, Don't follow me!

  3. Well, entries in point form look pretty ok...But you look better :-)

  4. Hooray for the ass lovers. When do us Boob lovers get some action?

  5. @SoHypnotic I plan on doing a boob one next!!

  6. @aimeestone1 thanks hun! i love my lady followers :) *kisses*

  7. your posts make me smile. ty for that.