Monday, May 3, 2010


Hi everyone,

I'm sorry I havent posted in a few days but It was just so beautiful this weekend there was no way I could stay inside!!! So let me tell you a bit about what I did...
On friday, I hung out on my rooftop and tanned for about an hour or so...dont want to over do it!! After words I hopped on the "PATH" train to head over to Target!!! I friggen love it there, i swear, its one of my favorite part of the states! I picked up a bunch of the Jean Paul Gautier collaboration stuff for uber cheap...My parents always taught me, just because you have money, doesnt mean you spend it!!! I love a good deal ;) After Target I went back into the city and hit up Bar Pitti, another fav of mine, other then Via De Mille of course. Had some lovely mussels there that were just scrumptious!!! Then I headed home and to be honest...i dont remember what I did for the rest of the night lol Saturday was just as beautiful so I spent the day walking around the city, down town and just enjoying the day. In the evening I took Chola to the dog park and she seemed to have fun...I ended up meeting a guy from toronto and I invited him and his GF out for dinner with me to Juliette Supper Club. They really enjoyed it and then after I insisted I take them to greenhouse because they had never really seen NYC night life! They loved it, so we hung out and chatted all night until we were all tired and went our seperate ways. Sunday was a record high in NY of over 90 degrees!!! And did it ever feel like it too! I took Chola out aaallllll day! We started early, at like 10:30 and walked over 100 blocks! we walked all the way up to 80th and through central the end of it all we were both exhausted and had super sore feet. So I had a super chilled out dinner at Franks...

Today i'm feeling terrible with some sort of food poisoning, not sure what I could have had but I hope it passes soon :(

I'm going to have to delay my #minamonday show because I'm just too sick...

So I hope everyone has a great start to their week and keep your eyes peeled for some hot pics all day!



  1. love minamonday!

  2. Oi STOP teasing us with hanging off bikini's ;)