Thursday, April 29, 2010


hi everyone,
Its been a few days since I posted but Tuesday I was having a bad day...Just woke up feeling "off". My hair wasnt working, my make up looked like crap, nothing I put on sexy or comfortable made me feel good so I took most of the day off for myself. Yesterday I woke up feeling a bit better but not 100%, maybe its the weather? its been so cold the past few days that I'm sure I wasnt the only one out of 8 million people to be having a bad day...but anyways, I did the usual stuff...showered, made some sexy videos, had to find something hot to wear for chats...

Today i'm having another blah day but I'm sure once I do my hair, make up and put on something hot I'll feel a lot better...I hope to see you all later and make sure to ADD ME TO FACEBOOK!!!

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  1. Looking fine and dandy, love the tat, think i need a doctor blood pressure through the roof lol xx

  2. & u still look like that on you blah days! you rock!

  3. Wow Mina I am look soo hot!!!!

  4. you are not the only one, mina, we all have sometimes bad days ;-|