Monday, December 14, 2009

Photoshoot with Amie Star!

I had so much fun today taking photos both by myself and with Amie. After brunch, I came home and was feeling a bit tired so I went back to bed...with my camera. I had only taken off my pants at first and left on my leg warmers, panties, t-shirt, bra, and sweater...i just lied down in my unmade bed and started snapping a few photos and once a few of them turned out good, i kept going and then the sweater came off...*snap* *snap* another awesome pic, then the shirt came off...*snap* *snap* sexxxyyyyy...i was practically masturbating with my eyes to the camera! lol...then, my bra came off...*snap* *snap* i must have taken about 50 sexy pics when i heard *KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK*...the dog was barking like crazy, jumping around...i had to wrap my bedsheet around me to go answer the door, and sure enough, it was my trusty side kick - Amie Star!!! :D She looked at me like I was crazy at first but then I explained to her that I was taking some new sexy pics for all my followers and fans, and she offered to help...just in time. I had an SLR camera lying around from when I borrowed it from a friend and havent given it back yet (sorry you know who you are) and we started to have some photoshoot fun!!! i was twittering in bed in my panties and leg warmers and we took some pics of that...lots more in the bed being all topless and sexy...then we moved to the living room and took lots more there...even took some pics of me playing video games :) fun fun! then we took some more, and more and then a few more :) by the end of it all she must have taken at least 300 pics! I decided it was time to thank her with a big kiss and dinner!!!

I hope everyone has a great Mina Monday!!!!

Love always,



  1. Sounds like you'll had fun! lol

    [you should blog more often, im following your blog now]

  2. Alreet, Where The 50 Pics You Took? Sounds like they would be worth Seeing =p