Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just another Sunday...

I love sundays :) they're one of my favourite days for so many reasons...I get to wake up extra late, have my favourite meal (eggs florintine with extra crispy bacon), then I like to take the dog for a super long walk and sip on some starbucks. For dinner I like to do something easy, but tonight I'm craving home cooked food so I'm going to make a steak with scalloped potatos and sweet carrots - YUMMY! I also love sundays because the best TV is always on...theres always something whether its Dexter, True Blood, Six Feet Under, Curb Your Enthusiasm... its just a wonderful day that gives me a little boost when I wake up for #minamonday!

Today I cleaned up my little apartment in Toronto after Chola and I came back from our walk. I love to wear my little white cotton hello kitty panties and my plaid shirt when cleaning...Hope everyone is ready for #minamonday tomorrow and dont forget that I'll be doing my FREE cam chat for all my fans and followers at 10:00pm EST --->

Also, if you have a chance, check out this amazing fan site that my friend and follower @stlcbrracer made for me!!! he updates it almost every day with all things MINA STEFAN! ---->



  1. Thanks Mina! You must be in a hurry. It's @thestlcbrracer but thats ok.....I still love ya. See ya tomorrow night on

  2. Toronto? legit, i go to the University at Buffalo, which isnt far..but thats fav day is thur cause its partying until sun morning