Thursday, December 10, 2009

hi all :)

So as some of you know, I went out last night in Toronto, with Amie Star...gotta love her. :) So let me walk you through what consisted of my night...
Now, whenever I stay in Toronto, I stay in my apartment, which is a little "bachelor"...more for temporary residence and it serves quite well :) but anyways, as I was saying, I started my evening with a nice HOT shower to warm up from the chilly weather, got myself together and had to decide what to have for dinner...and since I was meeting Amie at Lobby (a little nightclub/supper club) I figured I would just eat there. So I began my mean with some tuna tartar, one of my favourite things ever, but ironically enough, i dont like tuna sushi...strange. Then I followed with a "Lobby Burger" which wasn't bad. It had some sort of lobster mayo on it and I wasnt really feeling it...I like it keep my species separated in each dish, not this whole cow and lobster thing...kind of takes away from the beauty of what you're eating...
After dinner, as crazy as this sounds, I left to go et dessert and tea because they were apparently out of tea (weird) so I took a short stroll in the blistering cold and had a nice poached pear and tea...what a nice way to end a meal.
Once I was done dessert I went back to Lobby and claimed my booth :D and waited for Amie to show up...which took forever, or at least felt like forever. Once she got there we started having so much fun!!! we were taking lots of pictures, drinking and flirting with the boys ;) Once the bottle came to the table I dont really remember much about what happened but I did see the evidence from the club photographer today - tee hee!!!

I love seeing Amie, so much fun :)

Thanks for reading!


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