Thursday, September 17, 2009

werid dreams...

OK so i don't exactly know where or why, but I'm in a train station with a guy, ill say for arguments sake, my "boyfriend". I'm looking around and its so confusing. it looks like Chinese new year with all the commotion and celebrating, from Chinese people of course. Were trying to get through this mob and find where we have to go. were reading the signs on these wall dividers and they're saying things like "New York", "Toronto", "Zurich", "Montreal", "Prague", and all these other cities. were rushing and rushing trying to find where we have to go and then all of a sudden, a rush of water hit my feet and knocks me to the ground. I'm all confused and actually feeling a bit drunk. I remember looking at my feet and I was wearing black heels. I look to were my boyfriend was in he was in a tiny wooden "box" that resembled a crib and said "hurry up! get it! its going to be a rough ride so hold on!" I'm completely confused at this point and just get in the box anyways.
Then, because it's a dream, I'm in a totally different time and place running around an open field with my friends like I'm in school. I think were playing some sort of game like football or something. now, I think i was thinking of harry potter at this point because then I became invisible and started to fly...hahahahaha true story!, well dream :)

so weird...

Have a good day everyone!


  1. Don't weird dreams suck when you can't figure out what, if anything they mean?

  2. maybe you're in a rush to find out where you should be in life but you already are where you should be

    i dunno - just a guess lol