Monday, September 14, 2009

TIFF 2009!


As most of you have figured out, I've been spending most of my time in Toronto lately, so that I can hang out with Amie and of course, be here for the Film Festival!

I've been having so much fun and have been going to so many different parties each night. My friday night was at a place called Cheval. There was a party there for the "10 producers to watch" which was really cool and i was surrounded by all these hugely influencial people in the film world. Everyone important in the "movie making" business was there. Up stairs has a beautiful patio so I was up there, hangin on a couch in my little tight shirt dress lookin all sexy chatting with whoever wanted to sit next to me and talk. Which was quite a few people. I met so many interested people there, who were trying to impress me with their job title, lol. I had a few glasses of wine and a few great conversations but it was time to blow that popsicle stand and go to the next place. I was starting to feel pretty tipsy from all the wine and hungry too, so I decided to go to Kultura, an amazing resturant with an alright DJ, great ambience and even better food! I met a couple friends there that were up from NY and I ran into my friend Paris, who was looking oh so sexy. She 19, has long blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, a sexy tiny frame (like me) and an ass to die for. So we chatted for a while, drinking some more wine and noshing on some appetizers. We were there for about an hour before we decided to go to Lobby and get our night on a roll...Lobby is a cute lounge in Yorkville, where all the celebs are hanging out right now. Once we got in, we headed straight to a booth filled with eager boys and started to get our drink on, or continued at this point ;)
We were flirting with the guys and dancing like we were the only ones in the place...we even got up on the couches and all the guys were looking up our short dresses and kept talking amongst themselves about how sexy we are. We liked the way they were looking at us so we started making out a little bit and she was grabbing my tits. Shes such a little tease that Paris. Then after we started talking to the boys more in depth and it turns out one of them was a huge director! (who shall remain nameless) another one was a writer just as famous and there was also a producer of one of my favourite movies! We were needless to say, quite impressed that we happened to "stumble" into their booth.
By this point, you'll have to forgive me because I dont really remember much, from all the alcohol of course, but we kept sneaking kisses and pinching each others bums. I wished that it went farther then that but perhaps another night...

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