Sunday, September 27, 2009

viva la MEXICOOO!!!

I know many of you are dying to see my pics from mexico, which I can assure you, are VERY SEXY!!! A collection of many sexy and skimpy bikinis which got me so many dirty looks from all the women on the resort! (because their husbands couldnt tear their eyes away from me in my thong bikini)
Pics of me lying by the pool sipping on drinks, splashing in the water, and then getting sexy and even taking my top off...There's also pics of my different sexy dresses that I wore when I went out at night and lots of self pics, which I love taking :) the pics were taken of me by a sexy blonde who looks just like jenna jameson that I met on the resort. We became so friendly that she even took pictures of me in a bubble bath...which ended up with her in the tub with me. So much fun
want to know how to see them??? gotta email me!!!


  1. Mexico, great country!!! I am sure you had a great time :)

  2. ...e-mail? What's that?

    ...You're a looker, that's fer sure!

    `x~Abe's Heart