Saturday, May 18, 2013

So Im in Barcelona for a little while just so I can get out of Toronto and experience a new city...Going to NYC made me want to travel more and a friend of mine was coming to Europe so I decided to tag along!

My flight was at 10pm last night and landed at noon here, or 6am EST. The flight was smooth but the food was the worst I had ever had on any airline before. Totally inedible. Good thing I packed some extra snacks or I may have totally starved.

Once landed, I went to the hotel to check in and then start exploring the city! Even though I was pretty jet lagged (and still am) I had a wonderful first day soaking up all the new experiences.

Right now, Im sipping on a glass of wine and munching on some snacks before I figure out what and where I'm gonna go for dinner..

Here's a couple pics I took today :) I'll try to post something a little sexier tomorrow ;)

waiting for my bags

The view from my hotel room

yummy desserts in the "club lounge" of my hotel


Can we talk about how European Starbucks have all the bad ass baked goods?!

Stopped by a supermarket and there was so much pig leg...Tasty!!!!

There was a mustachioo on a door and I just couldn't resist!

These statues are doing inappropriate least to my immature mind

I LOVE siamese cats, probably my favourite breed so this was equally creepy and amusing for me :)

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Location:Hello Barcelona!


  1. Hi Mina, I can not believe you're in Spain. if you come to Madrid I would like to meet you I'm your fan for quite some time and are inspiration for me and my friends. kisses, happy stay in Europe.

    Hola Mina! no me puedo creer que estés en España. si vienes por Madrid me gustaría conocerte, soy tu fan desde hace bastante tiempo y eres inspiracion para mi y mis amigas. Besos, feliz estancia en Europa.

  2. Happy to see you're having a fun time even with a jet lag :D

    and very clever to have snacks as backup for the bad airplane food!

    looks like you have an awesome view too!

    Nice to see Starbucks out there has a wider variety of foods (lucky)

    And your candid pics are priceless! Especially the mustacioo pic ;)

  3. Looks like you're having a good time, I hope you have an amazing evening as well...