Friday, May 17, 2013

Late tonight I head off to Europe for about a month, but like I said before, I'll still be posting on Twitter and my blog...
I'm so excited to go, I absolutely love travelling and seeing new cities 
I'm not ready to tell you guys where I'm going yet...Id rather it be a surprise :)


  1. Awesome shots and I hope you have an enjoyable trip and get to see a lot of amazing sites.

  2. Have fun! Enjoy your time out there!
    And thank you for posting these absolutely cute pics of yourself ;-)

  3. Hi Mina, I can not believe you're in Spain. if you come to Madrid I would like to meet you I'm your fan for quite some time and are inspiration for me and my friends. kisses, happy stay in Europe

    Hola Mina, no lo puedo creer que estés en España. si te vienes por Madrid me gustaria conocerte soy tu fan desde hace bastante tiempo y eres inspiración para mi y mis amigas. besos, feliz estancia en Europa