Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ive been pretty much entirely quiet on twitter today. I spent almost the entire day finally catching up on Weeds. I tried to do some videos but while I was doing them I suddenly lost my mojo and needed to stop...there's nothing worse than a girl who's forcing herself to be sexy. If I'm gonna make videos, I think I should be doing while I feel sexy and in the mood to show off..

Tomorrow is another day and I have a feeling I'm gonna blow through all my work! :)

Here's some brand spankin [no pun intended] new pics!! :D


  1. That sucks that you lost your "mojo" just like that. Obviously these pics were taken before you lost your

  2. Certainly you shouldn't force yourself, you're not a machine and besides you do so much for us; especially with loads of photos you've posted :D

  3. You always come through with some awesome sexy shots, you are so beautiful and sexy and these shots show how sexy you are just being you....