Monday, October 1, 2012

2012 Cuba Photo Package

As you are well aware, I just got back from Cuba and had the worst "vacation" imaginable..BUT, that being said there's lots of pics of me lounging around bein all sexy and such. I "forced" my friend to take  lots of pervy voyeur shots of be honest, there wasn't much forcing...I'm sure that was the best part of the trip for him, lol!
Anyways, in this package we have 147 photos which will show you what it's like to be on vacation with Mina. LOTS of pics by the pool and around the resort. Most of these pics are unposed and genuine creeper pics...I'm only posing in maybe 10% of them. Of course, non of the photos in the package will have "X" or "SAMPLE" written across them.

For this lovely collection I am charging $40. The way to pay is either giftcard or Flight Centre voucher.

Any questions email me at :)


  1. Very sexy pictures, but how can they not be, since the model is you. This is another set I know I'll have to purchase as I know it will be well worth the money.

  2. These pictures are simply sexy!!! :D

    Sorry the trip wasn't much better but hopefully your next trip will be better :)

    Can't wait to get this set :D

  3. very cute.

    bet the hotel guests were all checking you out,

    Nice to see you using your blue bikini ;)