Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Home Sweet Home

SO happy to be home from Cuba. 1 week with no internet access, or even an available computer was hellish. Im also happy to be back with Chola, I always sleep better with her :) 

Keep your eyes open for my tale of what happened last week...thank god the weather was good and there was enough booze to keep me sane because I think I would have killed someone with the things that happened... long story short : Cuba was terrible. 

Tomorrow is when I get a start on some videos that I owe to some generous people who spoiled me while I was away 

Photos by : Lightform Photography 


  1. I'm sorry Cuba didn't pan out as well as you were hoping but I'm so happy your back!

    This past week hasn't been the same without ya but I know how it feels being offline for a long period of time too and its not fun :\

  2. You look stunning and oh so sexy! Love this lingerie set, may need a video of you on it :)