Friday, March 2, 2012

Hey there peeps! I apologize for not blogging in a couple days. I was exhausted yesterday from getting home at around 2:30am then had to do all my catching up like paying bills, grocery shopping, etc. Today isn't much different, I have some work to do, but more sexy work ;)

My Birthday is also coming up on the 15th!! I'M SO EXCITED!!! =D And I would REALLY like some birthday presents!!! SPOIL ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY! I plan on making a cute little set of a video + pics to send to anyone who spoils me, with anything! Even a $5 item off my Amazon Wishlist will get you this fancy b-day package :)

Today I also plan on going through some more Dominican pics + a couple videos I made and I'll put together a great package for you too!

Hope you have a good day/night!


My Valentine's Day video is officially no longer available! - Thanks to those who purchased! <3

Happy Friday! ^_^


  1. These shots are so HOT, love it when you show us your naughty side, you so rock!!

  2. That is one hot set way a bikini bottom like that could get better and you wear it super well...the whole thing...super sexy...thanks for sharing....that is WOW

  3. Lovin' that outfit!!! :D

    And no worries about not blogging as much; you just got back from your trip :)

    Hope you are getting lots of gifts!!!

  4. Stunning Mina. Simply stunning.

    Glad you got to take care of those overdue items ;)