Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tonight I'm meeting Heather Van Viper for dinner so we can have girl time and catch up!! I havent seen her since before the holidays and us girls gotta stay in touch and bond over food and booze ;)

Today the weather was incredible, it was 7C the sun was shining...what more could i ask for?? amazing weather for January 7th. 

Now im just cuddling on the couch with Chola, she has her head on my hand while I type this, shes out cold...a chihuahua's head gets heavy after a while, lol

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!


  1. great weekend I am having it is fullof drawing illustrations

  2. Very sexy shot of your very sexy body, hope you two have a great time tonight....

  3. ♥♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!

  4. HOLY WACAMOLE! You are smooookin hot!