Sunday, January 8, 2012

Good morning everyone,

Last night I went to dinner with heather and a few other people to a restaurant in the east end of toronto...The company was good but the food was terrible. they brought us cold bread, twice, when it was supposed to be hot, poor heather sent her steak back only to be forgotten about and the bus boy tried to take her cutlery away before she even got her meal :( I hate when stuff like that happens...the idea of going out to eat with people is that you all eat together...not eat your meal alone at an empty table while everyone watches you o_O

After that, we all went separate ways...they went to a club and I went home.

This morning were meeting for brunch though, were going to dimsum :) Im going to bring my camera and try to snap a few pics...or ill at least use my blackberry!

But before anything, i think i need a I hope everyone has a great sunday!!



  1. That so sucks, but at least the company was good, hope your brunch goes better and you have a great day...

  2. sorry to hear that the service and food wasn't up to par. But at least the company sounded like fun. Enjoy your dim sum, hope that makes for last night's meal!

    Enjoy your Sunday as well!

  3. thats terrible how you were girls were treated for you day out together . id say you can come to the restuarant i work for but its in the states ...even though theres a couples chains in toronto . i'd cook a steak the right way for you girls .lol