Thursday, January 12, 2012

im upset with myself that I didnt get an opportunity to make my custom videos today >_< sorry guys (you know who you are)

Once I had my shower and spray tanned, Heather messaged me to tell me that she was having a meeting right next door to where I live to I met her for coffee and lunch, then we did a little shopping together and had some girl time. I picked up lots of awesome things for my Valentines Day video but I'm just missing 1 super important piece which I'll have to get on Amazon :/

It was also raining all day in Toronto and I took Chola for a walk because it wasnt TOO cold, only 5C...she was so angry with me that I would take her outside in the rain...Ive never seen her look at me with such hatred, lol...I walked with her to pick up a few packages at my mailbox place and ended up stuffing her in my coat for the walk home because there was no way she would walk back, lol.

I'm thinking sushi for dinner because i forgot to take something out of the freezer to defrost :/

Either way, tomorrow is Friday which means the weekend!! <3


  1. Those are some HOT HOT pics!!! ;)

    Sorry that its so cold outside but it still sounds like you had a fun afternoon :)

    Chola sounds like she just wants attention from you all the time or something hehe

    Enjoy your sushi! What's your favorite rolls?

  2. Sorry the weather sucked, but happy to see your sexy pictures posted here for us to enjoy, hope you have a great night...

  3. gorgeous! ___¶¶

  4. Too bad the weather wasnt that good but cheer up!!! thats really HOT pictures, BTW say hi to Bagel & lox (^.^)

  5. Cold weather makes for hard nips