Tuesday, January 10, 2012

had a crazy stressful day dealing with my blog...yesterday I had received a notification from blogger that i had reached my limit of uploading pics. so i went on my picasa web album and deleted a bunch of non sexy photos along with a bunch of duplicates. well...little to my knowledge it deleted a bunch of other things as well! so today i had to search to the ends of my emails for my original header, old photos, etc because when i deleted the duplicates, i guess i deleted the "original" one of it too. If you look on the side where my photos are a couple of them are really tiny...i dont know how to fix that :( *sigh*

Then i tried exporting my blog to my domain holding site and that was a nightmare... :'( i wish i knew a trusted web guy who could do all this for me...

i wonder if i can buy extra GB of storage for pics...

anyways, completely unrelated, enjoy these pics


  1. Sorry to hear about your website issues :(

    Maybe one of your friends could recommend a website admin or you could try to switch over to http://www.squarespace.com/

    The site is suppose to be super easy to manage and as for the pics from Picasa, hopefully they can give you more storage space. Here's their recent changelog https://support.google.com/picasa/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1753765&topic=1751920&rd=1

  2. Your stomach is incredibly sexy.

    Looking beautiful!

  3. Wish I could help you, I am a software, hardware tech, not much on programing or more than form web site designs. You could check out www.pbase.com for picture storage and linking. And Mina, you're looking good as always.

  4. Sorry you're having such a bad time with your website, but thanks for the awesome and very sexy photos....