Friday, December 9, 2011

ZOMG I honestly am a little weirded out that it's Friday already! On Wednesday I was thinking to myself, "omg its ONLY Wednesday..." but fudge, it's like I totally missed Thursday...Oh well!!

WHO GOT ME 1YR OF XBOX LIVE?! seriously people!! You clearly know the way to my heart is video games and sailor moon <3<3<3

I've set up some photo shoots for this weekend so that should be fun!! I'm going to try and start setting up more shoots for you guys!!

Other then that, I dont really have much else to report...OH and who got me an awesome microwavable jacket for Chola?! email me k?

Enjoy these pics and lets hope they start your Friday night off right ;)


  1. Wow!!! You look hot in that very provocative dress :D

    Sounds like you're really getting your game on! ;)

  2. Damn Mina! Every time i see you, you still send my heart racing...Now THIS is how you start a week-end!

  3. You are stunning and this outfit is so hot!!