Monday, December 12, 2011

Hey Guys!!

I hope everyone had a good weekend, mine was awesome! I had 2 shoots, and they both went great!! I'm going to share them with you reeeeal soon ;)

Today was a bit strange for me..I woke up and watched way too much criminal minds!! Im totally infatuated with the actor who plays Spencer Reed <3 Lady Boner <3

After having a shower I made a few videos then had to run some errands...while I was in Chinatown, I was walking past a man and his dog, a boxer, and the dog was REALLY excited to see me..he ran behind me and literally put his whole face between my legs, LOL. the poor owner was a bit embarrassed but its alright :)

Then I had to go to Shoppers Drug Mart (Like our CVS) and print some photos...well..I was having some trouble with the photo machine and I was also printing a not so safe for work pic when all of a sudden, the thing freezes up and Im forced to call for help...So this man comes to help me and put his code in when suddenly, his face goes red! then MY face went red!!! (from seeing the photo of course)...then it was still having problems se he had to call someone else...who in turn was like "lets get gina here, i think she knows how to fix it.. GINA!!" at this point im mortified, lol I was like "can we not ask for anyone elses help...i dont need everyone on the payroll seeing my naughty pics, lol"

But in the end, I got my photos and high tailed it outta there! lol. For the rest of the afternoon I was at a walk in getting a prescription refill then all evening i've been doing work...For some reason Im exhausted so I think I might go to bed early tonight..

Either way, I hope you guys all day a great start to your week :)


  1. I'm sorry you've had an embarrassing kind of day between the dog and the self-photo prints :(

    But I'm glad ya found a new show to get into while the other shows are on a break. I have heard Criminal Minds to be good, I kinda like Numb3rs more myself.

  2. Sometimes you just gotta have one of those days in order to really appreciate the good ones when they come. As for crime shows, I'm a Castle fan.. Been following Nathan Fillion since Firefly.

    And as for your posts, you are looking hot as always!!!

  3. Sounds like a very interesting day, sorry you had such an embarrassing moment getting your pictures made, but hey you don't have anything to be ashamed of you are one stunning young lady...Hope your night goes better and you have sweet dreams...

  4. Now that is a funny story..... Poor guy having to see that gorgeous form :-)

  5. making me hot and bothered at work u naughty girl :(

    u ignored my email I sent you about ur wishlist :(