Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I almost forgot to post the pics from Niagara Falls 2 weekends ago!!

Trying not to squint...so hard!! lol

being silly :)


A kiss for a kiss xo

LOVE me some strawberry syrup at the Hershey's Store!

Dramatic eyes o_o

At the Hard Rock Club having a draaank

:p - I stick my tongue out a lot - :p

They asked us to autograph a menu at the Hard Rock Cafe to put on display!! 


  1. Cool pictures Mina...you can tell you had a blast...The resolution on the pictures is perfect and you both looked amazing. I wish I was that Hersheys Kiss ')

  2. Looks like you had a great time!

  3. Awesome pictures, looks like you had an awesome time...

  4. Definitely looks like a great lil getaway for you and Heather!

    I bet they posted that autographed menu right away ;)

    Ever though of doing autograph items to sell?

  5. Nice to see you got some relaxation!

  6. Cool!! it looked like you had a great time!! It's always nice to get to smell the roses!

  7. Wish I had all that fun when I went 2 niagra

  8. your the best bit of those pics, not the room ;)

    xxxxxx mwah