Monday, November 14, 2011


I hope everyone has been having a good start to their week...I woke up today with some awful stomach pains...I was hoping they'd be gone by the time I had to come to work but no such luck :( Ive been drinking ginger tea all day and it doesnt seem to be helping :(

My weekend was great, I worked out with Heather on Saturday at Flirty Girl Fitness...We started with a one hour Abs, Legs and Butt class, then finished with a Video Vixen class....I liked the abs, legs and butt, but the video vixen was kind of boring...they basically teach you choreography to different music videos. Its more something you do for fun, not a workout...But man, did the first class KILL ME! Ive been practically paralyzed for 2 days now and it doesnt look like relief is in sight for another couple days :(
Once Im healed up we want to maybe try a poll dancing class..ooh la la

Anyways, I hope everyone is having an awesome day!!


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well, hopefully after work it'll go away!

    Sounds like a very intriguing workout class and the pole dance class, ooo la la indeed ;)

    And... Simply Sexy Pics, nothing like black lingerie and a sweater :D

  2. Hey Mina, great post! Thanks! I especially like number 7. The lighting on your curves is spectacular. Have you ever considered making some of these available in High Def?

    Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Maybe you overdid it a bit yesterday. Feel better soon.

  3. Mina every post you out do your self! You are simply amazing!! Feel better soon #1 hottie in the world!

  4. Wow! You still post uber sexy pics despite yur pain...A-MINAZING!!

  5. mina thank you so much for posting pictures you are such a beautiful girl

  6. Hope you're feeling better today, this is one hot set, and you as always look amazingly hot!!

  7. I know I'm late but these are mega-sexy! lol

  8. oh I have missed you,

    next time rip your thong ;)