Friday, November 4, 2011

Hi Everyone!!!

Man, did my week ever go by FAST!! I cant believe that only last Saturday I was in Oshawa for the Halloween party, which was so much fun, here are some pics :)

Tonight were at Niagara Falls just for fun and to have some girl time...were going to go for dinner and then maybe hit up a club.

Yesterday I had lots of videos to make, and i specifically tweeted about a very sexy black sheer monokini ;) 

For those of you who purchased a custom video of me wearing it, you are the very lucky ones because they were some ridiculously sexy videos!! 

Oh!! And this is a pic of me in the car on the way to Niagara :P

I hope everyone has a fabuloso weekend and stay tuned to my twitter for all the updates till next time!!




  1. Hi Sexy!
    hope you are doing great! Thanks for the custom video.. :D
    You are very sexy and will always be my fav!


  2. Some very sexy pictures both from the party and the video you made this week, you have such a smokin hot body...

  3. mina you are so beautiful I love you! you are a great girl

  4. What a great update!! You are amazing!!!

  5. Missed your daily blogs but I'm glad you're finally have a girls night out trip to Niagara Falls!

    Sounds like you had a blast at the party and even if you didn't win the TMZ contest, you're still the real Snow White in my book!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and that Monokini was some sexy outfit!! HOT HOT!!!

  6. por diossss...quiero esas tetas y esa vaginaa...