Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Thursday my loves!! I've had another busy day today!! It started with the cable guy coming (I know i said that a few days ago but that was for internet) today i got the actual cable..Then my maid came by again because there were some other things he wanted to spend time on. While the maid was there I decided to go to Kensington Market (which is like Torontos "Vintage Village") to look for a coat. There was only one place open and I happened to find a little gem in there :) I got the most beautiful coat!! it looks almost new because the previous owner took immaculate care of it. 
I took it to get taken in because its a touch big and he said that the condition is SO good, and he was shocked at the price i paid, that he offered me cash on the spot (more then i paid) to take it off my hands! I obviously said no, and I feel so good about my purchase :) :) :) 

Thats my big thing for the day :) I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday!!

OH! I also went to starbucks and got an epic discount because of my enthusiasm for a hot chocolate :) 


  1. Congrats on both of your great deals today...

    Very hot pics...looks like you're missing a whip...

  2. You still look so amazing in that corset! A man could never be tired of looking at you in that ;)

  3. That fits sooo very very sexy to....and I love that back view. Glad you got an awesome coat for you cold winter....sometime hope you post a picture of it...on you of course....nothing else is necessary :)

  4. Beautiful pictures! You have an amazing body and I've always loved how healthy your skin looks. Whatever you're doing, keep it up!

  5. Another very sexy outfit that showcases your stunning looks and perfect body....