Wednesday, October 19, 2011

**GASP!!** I'm naked!!! Sort of, I have my scarf strategically placed over my lady parts ;) 

Speaking of lady parts, I had a physical yesterday and let me tell you, they dont call it a "physical" for nothing. The doctor, a female, asian, young, cute...anyways, the doctor gave me a breast exam and was full out fondling my boobies ^_^ and then i had to do a less then fun "lady exam"...that woman LITERALLY knows me better then i know myself, lol

Anyways, you really dont need to know that stuff, ha ha, but the point of the story was to tell you guys I have a clean bill of health!! :) 

Hope everyone is having a great day!! Its raining miserably here in Toronto :( 


  1. You are naked and super the pictures and of course great to hear you got good results at the doctor....that takes care of that for now...good for you.

  2. I'm glad the physical went well :)

    Hope to see something like these sexy pics in the future ;)

    Its such an art to strategically place a garment over certain areas!

  3. Oh how I would of LOVEDto be that doctor or scarf lookin very sexy naked I must say!!!

  4. Still the hottest thing on the internet Mina!!! Can't get enough of you! xoxo

  5. I love the one showing your beautiful ribs. Sexy!

  6. Glad to hear all your sexy lady parts are in good working order and the doctor approved as well ;)....