Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Thursday loves!

I havent been having the best day today.  Where do I start!?
Well for starters, Im a bit hormonal so that's a huge problem in its own and unfortunately, theres not much I can do to cure it :/
Second, as i had tweeted a while ago, i had an enormous cable/internet bill. I had until today to pay it off and I thought If I paid about 1/2 it was be ok, but no, they wanted the ENTIRE amount up front. Which was over $1,100. It got so high because of the postage strike in the summer so because i didnt receive my bills, it added up!! I paid off about $500 but it didnt matter to them, they cut my service anyways so now I have no cable or internet at home. This is a small travesty.
Now I'm at work, with cramps and hungry. But at least I have the internet!! ;) lol

I hope these pics brighten your day a bit!!


  1. You look awesome sexy in the Red with garter....tiny thong too.....and yes it brightens my day. But so much suckage about your cable bill. Not your fault, yet they yank the plug...and $1,100 to make up at once, it just seems like they would work with you on it over the next few bills.
    Hope you will at least feel better very soon and then work on getting everything back that you deserve.

  2. Sorry you've had such a sucky day and I hope it gets better, you always brighten our day when you share your sexiness with us like this.

  3. That sucks they cut your tv/internet connection, they should of been more considerate, not your fault yeah never got your bills!

    Anyways, its very kind of your work to allow you to use their internet.

    Luv the pics! The song "Lady in Red" playing in my head lol

  4. Sei sempre una meraviglia...........buon week end

  5. I love the ass look with the a peek of the panty pussy just under the cheeks very sexy good pics good job keep it up

  6. You look good in red love your pics.

  7. Wow!! Red Red Red .. Makes one to think like a Bull. So Cute!

  8. Red is definitely one of your best colours Mina.... It really suits your skin and this outfit is smokin hot... xxx