Wednesday, October 5, 2011

AHH I'm so angry and bummed with myself for dropping my blackberry in the toilet!! My phone was in my back pocket of my jeans and I was pulling my pants down to pee and it fell in T_T
Right now it's in a tupperware with some rice to hopefully dry up any left over moisture, I really hope that I didnt eff it up too bad because theres no way that I can afford a new phone right now!

In other news, I picked up a couple gifts today one of which was the complete series of Babylon 5!!!

I'm so happy because I've had it on my wishlist for quite a long time, and whoever purchased for me will be getting 2 videos as thanks!! :D So please email me your Amazon Proof of Purchase!!! :D 

I also posted a poll on the right hand side to get a better idea of what you guys would like to see from me, and dont be shy to ever let me know of something you'd like to see! I love suggestions!! 

And to the 4 people who voted I should retire, LOL, I literally laughed out loud at the fact that you took the time to come to my blog and vote for me to retire...if nothing else, you at least added to my blog hits so thanks!! ^_^ 

And everyone else who's voted so far, thank you, I appreciate you taking a moment to give me your opinions :) 

Enjoy these pics!!


  1. Very sexy outfit, I really love the choker, very hot!!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your blackberry, but you're doing the right thing by dunking it in Rice.

    Your outfit looks fantastic! Very "true bloodish" ;)

  3. It's so wrong that I want to sit and watch Babylon5 with you. I'm more geek than anything.

  4. Babylon 5 rocks! The first season is a bit slow, but then it's all building for the other seasons.