Thursday, September 15, 2011

mushi mushi!! ^_^

I'm just at work right now and because I was fortunate enough to sell enough, Ive decided to say *flips the bird* to my weekend here and go visit my mom!! 

It's not often I spend enough time with my mom to bake cookies, cook tasty food, drink, watch know "girl time".. So i'll go up tomorrow early afternoon and come back some time on sunday...

Ive also decided to continue working at this job past TIFF because it doesnt cost me anything being here (aside form time) which I would end up being at home anyways. So if theres an opportunity for me to make a couple extra bucks, why not right? 

In less exciting news it feels like winter is FAST approaching!!! I need some more sweaters, STAT!! Feel free to spoil me with some warmies off my Amazon Wishlist ;) ;) the link is at the top of the page, "Spoil Mina"

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday, I feel like this week has seriously flown by!!!

I'll make sure to update tomorrow with some pics ;) 



  1. Its great that you can make time to spend time with your Mother! :D

    I knew you could do well at your new job!!!

  2. Awesome about you job...and a great opportunity to spend time with your Mom....and cookies..I bet they are great....have a great weekend and if I get to see more pictures later all the better ;)

  3. Hope you have a great time with your mom...