Friday, September 16, 2011

hey guys!!

I've been having a great time with my mom so far!! we've been catching up, watching movies, and just having some girl time :)  tomorrow were going to make cabbage rolls and cookies!!

Chola is having a good time too, running around the big yard...but i think she's starting to get a touch bored, just like a real kid! lol

Anyways, I apologize that I was a bit quiet today because the blackberry server was having....

on a side mother, who happens to be an elementary school teacher is correcting my grammar and spelling while writing this....mothers. Did I mention that she also looked over my shoulder the exact moment there was a porn GIF on my tumblr? *facepalm*...Murphy's Law.

Hope you enjoy these pics!!



  1. Mina, your body is as near to perfect as I have seen. Just spectacular. I would love to see your lovely smile in them too!

  2. Awesome pictures love the shots of your perfect butt!

  3. @Kent, as near to perfect?
    I mean her body is it absolutly!!!

  4. Hot pics as always ;)

    Glad you had a blast at your Mom's!