Monday, August 15, 2011

sick sick sick

uggghhhh...for the past few days ive been thinking i have a nasty bout of allergies, turns out i was wrong because a friend of mine that i had lunch with the other day is sick also!! so it turns out i have a horrible cold :(  Im spending today in bed with my medicine, hot tea, Chola and television.

Im soooo sick of being sick!! I really try to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables daily to keep my immune system strong but i guess i need to look into something stronger.

In sexier news, i had these photos in a file waiting to be posted! So what better opportunity then #MinaMonday!! :D


  1. Very sorry you have been so sick....your doing the right things so hopefully it will clear up real soon. And thanks for taking time to add some super sexy pictures.

  2. Sorry to hear you're still under the weather, hope you're back to normal soon. As for these pictures, you look so sexy in this hot little baby doll set...

  3. Sucks that you feel bad...I hate being sick anytime but especially in the are sexy as always.

  4. Wow you look super amazing!!! I am sad you are sick! Please recover soon. I would recommend you to drink a lot of sunny d orange juice. It is the best!!!

    Take care mina!

  5. Those pics were so stunningly sexy! Wishing you a speedy recovery back! Get well soon Sexy!!! :)