Monday, August 1, 2011

Hi All!

yesterday was a day mixed with pleasure and pain. the pleasure part was my wonderful massage :) absolutely needed...the pain part was my heat rash didn't get any better...right now its looking and feeling ok, but i know that today i won't be able to spend much time outside, so i'll just have to focus on LOTS of picture taking!! ;)
I also think i MAY have solved my photo booth/video problem, all thanks to david ;) So i'll see if i can't make a little vlog later today :)

I think tomorrow i'll go into Playa Del Carmen and walk around, see the shops..ive been there a few times so i know my way around now :)

I hope everyone has an awesome day!


  1. Oh MY!! You look beyond HOT in that towel!!!! That is just all kinds of sexy!!!

  2. Hey mina. Sorry I haven't left you any comments for a while. I've been moving and really really busy. Glad you enjoyed your massage and I'm sure your hear rash will go away quickly. This f'n hot. Makes me wish you were wrapped in my sheet.

  3. You look amazing I love this very sexy tease shot. I hope your rash goes away soon so you can enjoy your vacation.

  4. Lovin' that hot pic!!! :D

    Glad to hear you were able to get your camera to work!

  5. Oh my God! How amazing you look... Wow! Perfection.

  6. OMG!! You look uber super freakin sexy in that towel!!!