Saturday, July 30, 2011

the heat is relentless today!! i started off with some yoga in the morning followed by some more pool time :) but that smile quickly turned to a frown when a mean heat rash developed on my chest :( now I'm stuck inside in the cold AC until it clears up...way to put a damper on a fun mexican vacation :( :( :( 

in brighter news i booked a massage for tomorrow afternoon that I'm super excited for!! Hopefully my rash will have calmed down by then or i'm going to be thinking of scratching it rather then how good my rub down feels.

thankfully, i took these pic before heading out into the heat where my troubles began...Hope you like them!!

Oh, and if anyone wants to make me feel better, you can buy me my favorite spray tan to make up for the fact that I'm stuck inside!


  1. You look amazing as always, and so sorry about the heat unfortunate when your there. I really hope that goes away and you enjoy the most of the remaining time there. Thanks for posting Mina :)

  2. Amazing pictures, I hope your rash goes away quickly so you can get back to enjoying your vacation...

  3. Sorry to hear about the rash, hope it'll go away in time for your massage!

    You look amazing in that bikini! Blue really suits you well ;)

  4. mina you look so fine in that bikini!

  5. You look soo delicious! Really..