Saturday, July 2, 2011

hi there!

Ive had SUCH a busy day so far, and its not even 4pm! My day started at 8am when I had to take the dogs out to for a run, I'm dog sitting for a friend and her dog is so obese, I'm trying to make sure he gets LOTS of exercise. After their run, I had a short but good workout with my trainer from Couture Fitness. Then I went and got the dogs again, took them out for an hour, picked up some things then I spent a few hours working..

My big project this weekend is taking a picture in everything I own to show you guys whats available for me to wear when you purchase a custom video/photo set! I didnt realize how much I really owned...seems like so much less on the hangers...

Right now I'm on the train on the way to Ottawa because tomorrow its my grandmothers 90th birthday!! So I thought it would be a great surprise to go see her. Thankfully the royal couple left today so traffic shouldnt be too bad.

I'm still doing lots of work on the train to try and get this stuff done as soon as possible...thankfully, I have a vodka soda here with me to help make it more enjoyable ;)

I had made a personal challenge to myself to see if i could go 2 weeks with no liquor, but i really wanted this drink because i've been working my butt off all weekend!! Its ok, i deserve it ;)

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

we'll chat soon!



  1. 2 weeks without liquor that would have been tons better than me....but yes you deserve it and look forward to all those pictures...You only have sexy stuff, so always something to look forward to. I hope you enjoy the Birthday

  2. Have a nice trip Mina and have a rest from all of your business, even for a while.

  3. I'm a beer guy but I gotta have at least 2 or 3 every day after work. Have fun at got grandmothers. I think older people are awesome. I used to love talking to my great grandmothers just because they had seen so much in their lives. As always can't wait for you to post new pics/vids. Thank you for taking your time to make our day better.

  4. I love reading these types of posts of your Mina!! :)

  5. I'm sure your Grandma will be totally surprised ;-)

    btw that drink looks so good!

  6. Dear Mina,

    You should know by now how much I appreciate you and you special video's. You are truly beautiful and you adorable. Wishing you a great safe trip and can't wait to see/hear about it when you are back.