Sunday, April 3, 2011

sexy sunday

good morning lovers,

its another nice day in Toronto, and I think I'm craving some french food, or at least a french restaurant for brunch today...the last time I had french was in the summer in NYC...
Today im going hunting for a restaurant supply store because I need an olive oil dispenser...which is much more difficult to find then you would think...Ive gone to like 6 different places and this is my last wish me luck to find one that isnt like $40 lol
Other then that, I'm seriously needing a coffee right now... :::zombie face::: Speaking of zombies, I watched Resident Evil After Life last night, its the 4th one in the series and I was a little disappointed...I didnt like the new zombies or how the end fight scene was so "matrix" style... :::sigh::: what can you do!
Anyways, these photos have nothing to do with my blog post other then the fact that they're hot, lol

Enjoy and have a good day :D


  1. Mina, you are very good to us. Have a great day!


  2. i just watched that movie too ab]nd was dissappointed as well with the same things and yes these pics are very hot.

  3. Thats a completely hot set Mina and mostly because your barely in it. I assume you checked Amazon for that dispenser but if not, they usually have everything.
    They just want to spice up Resident Evil, it's just not the same. I think that should be it for that series unless they come back with something completely new, but keep part of how it all started. Who knows.
    Thanks for posting hot

  4. Very sexy. Gives you a "bridal" least makes me thing "wedding night" ;)

  5. Very sexy outfit and looks so hot on your hot body...

  6. Looking like a very provocative angel ;)
    Enjoy your Sunday French brunch

  7. This right here is a good reason to give thanks on this day of worship.

  8. All I can say is wow!!! Wow, wow wow!! :)